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HUSQVARNA LB 553S e Lawn Mower

Husqvarna LB 553S e is a reliable and dedicated BioClip® mower, designed for tough, professional use. The design has focussed on achieving the best possible ergonomic conditions for the operator and an extra-ordinary cutting results, even in wet weather.


Husqvarna LC 140S Lawn Mower

Self-propelled, easy to use mower, suitable for somewhat smaller gardens. Equipped with a robust steel cutting deck and soft-grip handle. Further features include central cutting height adjustment and ball-bearing wheels.


HUSQVARNA LC 141iV Battery lawnmower

Ideal for homeowners or for cutting complex areas, this intuitive hassel-free battery mower can mow an average-sized garden quickly and quietly in a single charge.


Husqvarna LC 347V Lawn Mower

Durable and high-quality mower for easy, convenient, comfortable mowing and a perfect-looking lawn. Smart solutions such as foldable handles, variable speed, and easy adjust cutting height reduce effort and ensure excellent cutting results. Top class collection leaves fewer clippings on the lawn, leaving it neat and tidy.


Husqvarna R216AWD rider with combi 103cm deck

The Husqvarna R 216 AWD Rider is great for home or landowners who are after an easy to use, efficient Ride-on-Mower.


Husqvarna RC320TSAWD with combi 112cm deck

The RC 320Ts AWD Rider offers durable effectiveness, versatility and ease of use though innovative design. Its unique, non-clogging collection system feeds clippings straight from the front-mounted cutting deck to the 300 l bag.


Husqvarna Splitting Axe S1600

Splitting axe made for splitting firewood logs.


HUSQVARNA T540XP 12" Chainsaw

The Husqvarna T540 XP® petrol chainsaw is an extremely high performance top handle chainsaw, designed for use by professional arborists only.


Husqvarna TF 325 Tiller Culivator

A realiable, easy to handle cultivator offering features such as a dependable engine, reverse gear and detachable transmission housing with lubrication possibility.


HUSQVARNA TR 348 Tiller Cultivator

The TR 348 is a light-weighted, compact and easy to use tiller with great manoeuvrability. Equipped with high-quality transmission and Heli coiled tines and 48 cm working width it offers both great performance and durability.


Husqvarna TS142TX

Husqvarna TS 142TX is a comfortable, compact side discharge tractor with smart, user-friendly design, developed for use in small to mid-size gardens. Equipped with 15" deluxe seat, electric clutch, soft rim steering wheel, LED lights and turn key start.


Husqvarna Universal Hatchet H900

Small hatchet for fire wood, garden work and trekking activities.


Husqvarna Waist Trousers Classic 20A

Reliable protection for occasional chainsaw users when chopping firewood or doing other outdoor work.


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