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Stiga SBC500AE Brushcutter Bare

Brand: Stiga
Product Code: Stiga SBC500AE Brushcutter Bare

Whether your trimming grass or tacking woody undergrowth, Stiga's SBC 500 AE Brushcutter is equipped to handle it. Utilising the impressive Lithium-Ion battery technology of their 500 series range, the SBC 500 AE features an easy to use Electronic Control Panel which lets you start and stop your brushcutter at the push of a button.

Supplied with both a Tap & Go nylon head and a 4-toothed metal blade, you have the flexibility to deal with tougher plant material than a grass trimmer alone could handle. The SBC 500 AE also features an adjustable handle, to help you find a comfortable working postion, and an aluminium motor housing, greatly increasing the integrity and reliability of the machine compared to other similar brushcutters.

All of our machines are fully assembled, set-up and checked over ready to go.

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